We offer several packages and options and we will help you find the right one that fits your needs! Whether you are looking for in-person or online lessons, vocal/instrumental or music theory classes, we have the right instructor, price, and format for you.

Yearly Lesson Prices

Continuity is key to success, which is why a carefully-structured lesson plan that spans over the entire 36 weeks of the school calendar are the perfect option for those who desire to take music education to the next level.

Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

Applies to in-home piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, and guitar lessons.

30-minute lessons: $50

45-minute lessons: $68

60-minute lessons: $90

90-minute lessons: $125


In-home 30 minutes: $50 (Online 30 minutes: $45)

In-home 45 minutes: $68 (Online 45 minutes: $62)

In-home 60 minutes: $90 (Online 60 minutes: $81)

Musicianship Lessons—Discovering How Music Works

Group online lessons: $35 per session (30 minutes, maximum of 8 students per group)

While fundamental basics of music theory will be covered during ordinary instrumental or vocal lessons, reinforcing core concepts significantly speeds up the learning process. Group musicianship lessons offer a fun and accessible way of improving the students’ grasp of music notation, rhythm, functional harmony, and many other aspects of music theory, as well as exposure to solfège, which is arguably one of the key components of a good music education.

The fundamental areas that we focus on during musicianship lessons can be broken down into five categories:

  • Reading (identifying notes, intervals, chords, etc.)
  • Writing (composing, simple analysis)
  • Singing (solfege, sight-reading, sight-singing)
  • Listening (simple dictation / aural analysis)
  • Improvising (based on specific topics/techniques)

Combined Package

If combining musicianship lessons with instrument/vocal lessons, we will apply a 25% discount.

Flexible Packages

We cannot stress the importance of attending lessons regularly enough. However, we also understand that some might desire a touch of flexibility. Our one-month and two-month trial packages offer the perfect chance to try out an instrument and meet our instructors without the need to commit to the entire school year.


One-month package (four 30-minute lessons): $220

Two-month package (eight 30-minute lessons): $420

One-month package (four 45-minute lessons): $300

Two-month package (eight 45-minute lessons): $580

Discounts and Offers

A 10% discount will be applied if paying for the entire school year in advance.

We value your recommendation, which is why we will credit your account with $100 for a successful referral (the referred student signs up for at least 3 months of lessons).

Trial Lessons

30-minute trial lessons: $55

45-minute trial lessons: $82

60-minute trial lessons: $110

Please take a moment to fill out the registration page in order to give us a better idea about your needs.