Robert Brown, Saxophone (classical and jazz)

Robert Brown is from San Antonio, TX and has 12 years of experience playing the Alto Saxophone. He is also proficient on Tenor and Baritone Saxophones. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from North Park University (Chicago) in 2016. During his undergraduate years, he played with the North Park Jazz Band and Jazz Combo under the direction of Joe Lill. He was a 2016 North Park University Performance Awards finalist and a 2011 Texas State Solo and Ensemble finalist. His saxophone and jazz instructors include Ralph Wilder, Chris White, Bobby Broom, and Joe Lill. Robert was an active participant in his high school marching bands, jazz bands, and concert bands, as well as a frequent soloist in his home church. Since then, he has taken up roles of leadership within his ensembles, including being woodwind captain of his high school marching band and leading his college jazz combo in the absence of their director. He has a passion for developing students’ potential, focusing on breathing, support, posture, and the overall kinesthetic experience of playing. As a jazz saxophonist, Robert has the extensive knowledge of music theory and harmonics required to improvise, and he prioritizes teaching his students the same theory essentials so that they, too, can learn improvisational techniques. Robert has classroom and private music teaching experience with beginners and advanced students, and he is well-versed in Classical and Jazz repertoire. Through his own trials and errors as a beginning saxophone student, he’s learned the importance of patience and encouragement. It is this positive attitude that Robert strives to instill in his students.