Online Group Music Theory Classes

Cost: $40 / Maximum number of students: 12

While fundamental basics of music theory will be covered during ordinary instrumental or vocal lessons, reinforcing core concepts significantly speeds up the learning process. Group theory lessons offer a fun and accessible way of improving the students’ grasp of music notation, rhythm, functional harmony, and many other aspects of music theory, as well as exposure to solfège, which is arguably one of the key components of a good music education.

The fundamental areas that we focus on during theory lessons can be broken down into five categories:

  • Reading (identifying notes, intervals, chords, etc.)
  • Writing (composing, simple analysis)
  • Singing (solfege, sight-reading, sight-singing)
  • Listening (simple dictation / aural analysis)
  • Improvising (based on specific topics/techniques)

Online Music Appreciation Classes

Cost: $40 / Maximum number of participants: 12

Nurturing good listening habits is an essential part of music education. Actively listening to classical music, either live or recorded is incredibly beneficial to the development of every musician, regardless of level. During each of these monthly 30-minute sessions, we will listen to an iconic work of the music literature and point out what is it that makes it special. The suggested age for this workshop is 10+.


Cost: $100 for active and $50 for listeners / Maximum number of participants: 3 active and 7 listeners

Date: TBA

Contrary to popular opinion, masterclasses are not solely reserved for outstanding, accomplished performers, but should be open to students of all levels. Performing in front of an audience of musicians is very different from the typical recital setting and students end up learning not only by performing, but also by listening. Each masterclass session will last 90 minutes and feature 3 students (approximately 30 minutes each). Each student will present one work and work on it intensively with the masterclass clinician. The suggested age for masterclasses is 10+.